Why Conversation is King

by | Online Marketing, Social Media for Business

When it comes to marketing, experts and aficionados commonly claim that content is king. And it is undoubtedly important. But more important even than content, is conversation.

Online conversation is undervalued and underrated by many small business owners.

Conversation is as important as content, if not arguably more so.

While it’s essential and integral to provide top-notch content, you should focus more on conversation, and how you can share your knowledge among your many customers-to-be.

As a business, there are so many ways you can share your expertise. If you demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, you’ll put yourself in a powerful position, because potential prospects will begin to trust you.

In marketing, trust is key… and once a potential customer trusts you, they’re much more willing to buy what you’re selling.

Proper effective marketing is all about sharing the skills, knowledge and expertise that your customer base craves. In essence, this sharing is the very crux of marketing.

You can spread your knowledge via many formats:

  • Podcasts
  • Vlogs
  • Blogs
  • Answer questions on online platforms such as LinkedIn, Quora and Yahoo Answers
  • Set up offline, face to face, meetings with local prospects via your online efforts

You can use any formal or informal platform (online and offline!) to start discussions and generate useful and informative exchanges.

This casual and conversational approach centres itself around the needs of customers rather than simply selling what you do. Customer-focused approaches always work, because they start by considering what the customer really needs and wants instead of simply attempting to make a cash transaction.

You can also work within your local community to achieve the same goals.

Offer free workshops in the local community and invite local people to come to your place of work with questions and queries. Again, this breeds trust and familiarity, which will generate business and spread your name better than any business card ever could.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. A plumber answering questions about leaky taps online can be massively effective. Equally, if you’re a print shop and you allow small businesses to pop into your shop with leafleting questions, you’ll gain trust and demonstrate your knowledge.

It’s essential to tailor your approach to what your business does, and what your customers want.

For more advice on how to immerse yourself in the local online community (and Greenwich has a thriving online community) to give your business a boost, get in touch.to give your business a boost, get in touch.