Human Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Attract the right customers with a strong HUMAN, online presence!

  • You are a customer focused small business.
  • You need more customers to find you.
  • You understand the potential of maximising your online presence.
  • You want to create and maintain an effective digital marketing strategy, but when you’re busy running your business, it slips down your list of priorities.

Strengthen your HUMAN connections.

At Social Matrix, we’ve worked with small businesses since 2010, delivering websites, search engine optimisation, content and consultancy, that bring businesses to life online.

We believe that people come first, always, and that your online presence should be consistent with the values of your physical business.  We help you get to the core of your values and business mission and then generate awareness in your target communities.



End to End Website Creation

We’re a rare breed of website creators. When you get a website from us it’s not just an empty shell. We write your content, design, build and optimise your site for search.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Why have a website if no one can find it. We’ll rewrite, restructure, optimise and maintain your current site, so you can start climbing up the search results for your prospects’ search terms.


Content Marketing

We provide a done-for-you digital marketing content service including  blog, web page and email content to attract and nurture customers. So, when they’re ready to buy, they come to you first. 


Marketing Strategy and Planning

We provide consultancy services to help you take your marketing forward. This will mean you invest time in the smartest activities for your specific business goals. 


There are three steps to working with Social Matrix


Book a Call

Tell us about your business. We take time to get to know you, your values, what you do, your current position and where you’d like to be.


Create a Plan

We offer a range of solutions aimed at helping you grow and thrive in the digital domain. We’ll map out the best solutions to deliver the results your business needs.



Know your digital marketing is working HARD for you. We support you as the plans are put into action, and offer a tailored solutions for ongoing success.

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