Leveraging LinkedIn for Business

by | Digital Marketing, LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great for B2B businesses and can help you to effectively share who you are and what you do, and build profitable relationships.

You can use it to increase your online visibility and demonstrate your expertise. You can also use LinkedIn to ensure you get found in search results both on Google and on LinkedIn itself.

All of these actions will raise awareness of who you are and help people to buy from you.

Here are five ways you can use LinkedIn to spread your name and raise awareness about you, your business and what you’re about:

  1. Increase your visibility and demonstrate your expertise through great content and by answering questions in LinkedIn groups.
  2. You can turn reviews or testimonials on other platforms into LinkedIn recommendations. Most people won’t mind copying and pasting their review into LinkedIn if you send them the link. By doing this, LinkedIn will become a catalogue of your successes, which will help you to build further business.
  3. You’re able to get quickly and simply found in searches by including relevant keywords in your content and in the right places on your profile or business page. As you’re searching you’ll come across questions people are asking around what you do. You can answer these questions to begin building relationships.
  4. You can create LinkedIn articles for Pulse and short post content for your LinkedIn profile. Pulse is an aggregated news feed to help members share their self-published content. By sharing content you’ll demonstrate your expertise and help others out.
  5. You can also answer frequently asked questions in order to raise your profile and spread your name.

These are just a few of the ways you can raise your profile, and only give a brief insight into how you can do it. For more specific advice on how these ideas can apply to you and your business, get us to help you out. All businesses have specific needs and demands, and all businesses should use LinkedIn differently according to those needs. We can help you with the specifics to help your business to grow.

On behalf of South East Enterprise, we deliver workshops in social media. These workshops are free to businesses registered in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. South East Enterprise are a London enterprise agency dedicated to helping businesses share their expertise, so the workshops will be a great way to build your knowledge base on LinkedIn and more. Their eBusiness2 programme is funded by Greenwich council.