Is Your Website Optimised for Sales? 

by | Digital Marketing, Online Marketing

Even before the pandemic, consumers were shifting online. But now, small businesses need a strong online presence in order to have a sustainable future.  

If you don’t have an e-commerce option, you’re leaving the door wide open for your competitors. 

The problem is, many businesses don’t have a website that’s robust enough to cope with online shopping, never mind one that provides a good enough customer experience to compete in the current marketplace.  

Is your website secure and optimised for sales? 

Have you lost control of your website? You’re not alone! 

Most small businesses have websites, but many have grown in a haphazard way over a number of years. They’ve been created and maintained by different people who had different methods, opinions, and strategies. 

The result is often a website that’s no longer in the business owner’s control. The security and other plugins are out of date. And as one gets updated, something else stops working so you end up feeling like you’re playing whack-a-mole! 

Your online presence is too important to leave to chance. You need a website that attracts customers, shows your expertise to deliver the products or services they need, and nurtures them until they’re ready to buy. 

Customers are used to a premium online experience. And if you don’t provide it, you can be sure that someone else will.  

How to optimise your small business website for sales 

Business owners are often relieved to hear that revamping their website doesn’t have to a big or expensive project. 

Recently we’ve helped a number of small businesses overhaul their websites. We’ve helped them by: 

  1. Installing a new theme if theirs was no longer working 
  1. Optimising their on-page and on-site SEO so they get found by Google 
  1. Rearranging and rewriting their pages so customers can navigate the site easily 
  1. Helping them create a plan for regularly publishing content so their website demonstrates the business’s expertise 

We strongly believe in creating an online presence that truly reflects your physical business. The quality of your customer’s experience should be the same across all platforms.  

We can help you build a strong, human online presence. Contact Lorraine to book a no-obligation consultation. Get the peace of mind to know you’re doing all you can for your business online.