How To Attract The Right Customers To Your Website

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A well designed, optimised website is a key part of your marketing strategy – but on its own, it won’t attract the right people to your business. And by the “right’ people, we mean the ones who are ready to buy your products or services.

There’s so much content on the Internet, how can you make sure potential customers find your site rather than your competitor’s?

The answer is simple! Make sure your website is packed full of information that your potential customers are searching for. Read on to find out how to create a blog and social media strategy that drives traffic to your site and customers to your business.

The Best Way To Drive Traffic To Your Site = Blog

  1. Keywords Count! Publishing a regular blog post gives you the opportunity to add more relevant keywords to your site – and keywords are essential to ensure your website is picked up by search engines and found by your customers when they are searching for information. To make this work, use the same language your customers use and create blog posts filled with information they are looking for. For best practice on the use of keywords in your web content, read our post here.
  2. Build Customer Relationships. Adding a blog to your site will also give you the opportunity to provide value to your customers which will enable you to build a relationship with them. For example, if you own a security business and regularly publish information about the latest developments in security products, your site will become the go-to resource for security information. While this might not generate a sale straight away, next time a potential customer needs a security service they’ll remember the value you provided and come to you first.
  3. Keep It Fresh! However pretty your website is, it’ll get stale quickly if you don’t update it regularly with new content. Adding a new blog post to your site once or twice a month is an easy way to make sure your customers have something new to consume when they stop by.

Remember, the key to creating a blog that drives the right customers to your site is to create content that provides information they are searching for. Make sure the information you provide is top quality and easy to read. You want them to think: If this is what they provide for free, imagine how good the paid products or services must be!

Start A Conversation With Your Customers Using Social Media

Optimising your website and blog content using strategies such as keywords and backlinks will eventually mean your site gets picked up by search engines. But you can’t just sit back and wait for this to happen. Start driving traffic to your site using Social Media.

The key thing to remember? Provide value for your customers, DON’T bombard them with sales pitch after sales pitch.

Share resources they’ll find useful. Use snippets from your blog posts to provide answers to questions they might have.  Share links to useful content produced by other people, as well as your own. Not only are you helping your customers by providing value, you’ll also be surprised how quickly people share your content in return.

Think of Social Media as a way to start a conversation with your potential customers. Make sure you respond to comments or questions, thank people who share your content and say Hi! to new followers. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing too!

Top Takeaway: Use Your Website To Build A Relationship With Your Customers

In the past when we used traditional methods to attract customers we were already at a disadvantage because we either had to interrupt them with an ad when they were reading their newspaper or simply hope that the flyer we put through their door appealed to them.

In contrast, we can assume that if someone is searching for information on the Internet, they are interested in making a purchase – if not today, at least sometime in the future.

A blog or social media post on a subject that your potential customers are searching for will bring people to your site. And if they find information that is useful to them and entertaining to read, they’ll remember your business when they are ready to buy.

As a business owner, you have a million and one things to do and chances are you didn’t start a business to become a writer. If you need help creating content or advice about the best strategy for your business, contact The Social Matrix. We love talking about this stuff! Let us help you!