5 Business Email Etiquette Tips

by | Email Marketing

Emails take up a significant portion of our work hours. We use emails to communicate with clients, respond to customers and market to new audiences. It’s a great tool for broader communication and better customer service when used mindfully.

Here are our top tips for effective email etiquette to keep your clients and customers happy:


While emails can be a great way to keep lines of communication open, they can often also overburden our inboxes and become a task in themselves to declutter! That’s why it’s vital when sending an email to keep the subject line clear. Having a direct message will mean that your email is more likely to be read sooner and less likely to be added to the spam or ‘save for later’ file. The clearer the subject, the faster the communication and the more efficient your business will be. 


Ending every email with a signature means providing your recipient with a chance to connect across other platforms. This is where you can add your social media handles and weblink. Setting this up as an automatic addition means that it’s easier than ever to provide your recipient with all the information they need to contact you. It’s also a good idea to add any other contact details, such as a business number or address.


When using your business email, be sure to always keep it professional. This sets a precedent of respectability for your brand. It’s as easy as using ‘Hello’ and ‘Dear’ instead of ‘Hi’ and ‘Yo’, and remembering to use the recipient’s full name unless an abbreviation or casual name is provided by them.


From time to time, you may find yourself reacting emotionally to an email. This is a good time to flag the email and respond at a later time once you’ve had time to mull it over. When you feel angered or upset when typing an email, you may later come to regret what you’ve said. Therefore, in order to keep a calm head, take a moment or two to consider your response and reply with clear-minded professionalism.


It’s important to keep both your grammar and your words professional. Remember that your emails are part of your brand identity and should showcase only the very best. Keep away from using too many exclamation marks, capital letters and colloquialisms like ‘LOL’.

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