5 Ways to Create Great Social Media Content for Your Brand

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Social media marketing is a method for creating digital branding and attracting. Everyone is doing it, but some small business owners are reluctant to begin.

The fear is often around bad feedback. Why would you put yourself out there and risk bad feedback being spread around the internet. No one can please everyone all of the time. I have to remind people constantly that just because you’re not online, or not on social media specifically, does not stop unhappy customers from posting online about you. If you’re on social media when they do, then at least you can tackle the problem and perhaps come to some kind of satisfactory solution with the customer. Handling complaints professionally can actually improve your reputation. However, if you’re aware of a specific issue that often causes complaints from customers, it’s a good idea to tackle it before you put yourself out there.

So, there’s no need to be worried by the prospect of starting your online community… you don’t need fancy equipment or expensive tools to create great social media content. In fact, the beauty of social media is that all you need is a starting point.

In order to help you on your social media journey, we’ve collated five top tips to help propel your brand into the present.

1. Consistency

You’ve heard it here before… consistency is key. Social media marketing is all about releasing content regularly for maximum visibility. You want your brand to be seen and recognised. This also means having a social media style that fits with your brand identity. Have a consistent voice, image, logo, colours and style to make this happen.

2. Audience

Your audience is your biggest influencer. Your customers are going to be the ones who sell your product and get the word out about your brand, so make sure that customer service and top quality goods are a priority. Your customers will leave unsolicited online reviews, so make sure your product gets a positive reaction! Your customers will be the ones in charge of spreading the word about your business, so rely on that community to make a positive impact for your brand.

3. Equipment

There’s no need to spend a fortune on expensive equipment, especially when modern technology like smartphones already have decent equipment built in. With some natural lighting, a little creative touch and minor post-editing, you can create phenomenal images for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You’ve already got all the social media technology you need right in your pocket!

4. Aware

Being socially aware is especially important online, where your posts can be saved and your words aren’t forgotten. Keep up to date with trending articles and popular hashtags to know when to add yourself to the conversation and when to observe from the edge. Make sure you don’t accidentally send out something offensive, but also be bold and add yourself to relevant conversations using hashtags.

5. Savvy

One of the most common mistakes that brands make on social media is trying to use it like traditional media. Instead of using social media to simply promote your brand, think of ways you can be eye-catching, funny or socially relevant. Nobody wants to follow a feed that’s filled with adverts, so make sure that your content is worth liking and your profiles are worth following.

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